RE: [SQU] Passing Username, Password and URL to authenticate prog ram

From: Kieran Skinner <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:39:24 -0000

Hi Rob,

Basically I want to accelerate for multiple servers, with different users
able to access different servers.

The accelerated servers are on a mish mash of different hardware/software
platforms so it will be easier for me to manager the user access centrally,
through squid and a user database. Hopefully, this will also mean that the
skills requird to administer the webservers may be lower.

Henrick pointed out that the Redirector helpers would recieve both username
and url. So I guess I could authenticate username and password with an
authentication program, then use the redirector to redirect the user to an
error page if they try to access a server they are not supposed to. This
could work but would be a bit messy.

Maybee there are some other tricks to give me this functionality.


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Why do you need to? If you are looking to tie the username, password and url
together you will not be following the guidlines from
rfc2617 for basic authentication)
. If you are looking at getting digest authentication running, the front end
code is already present on sourceforge... feel free to
jump in a write a directory integrated backend.


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Subject: [SQU] Passing Username, Password and URL to authenticate program

> Is it possible to pass the requested URL to a custom athentication program
> in addition to the username and password supplied.
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