RE: [SQU] Squid and Junkbuster

From: Nathan Kahn <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:03:37 -0500

At 11:26 AM 1/24/01 -0600, Lee Miller wrote:
>Thanks for the info.
>However, the client browser first requests data via junkbuster on port 8000,
>and then, junkbuster (via it's 'forward' file), passes the request on to
>squid's port 3128.
>Thus, even though you set junkbuster to filter cookies, images, etc, I'm not
>sure how squid then negotiates with the web site to exchange this
>information, since at that point, communication is between squid and the

I didn't actually install squid and junkbuster on our system, a friend did,
but what I see happening is junkbuster running on port 8128, and a line in
squid.conf that says:
http_port 8128

And the browsers are set to port 3128.

So it looks to me like, on my system, squid communicates with junkbuster,
and junkbuster with the site. I guess :-) I do know that here, the
ijbcookie file definitely has control over cookies. Because squid isn't
set to touch them, and the ijbcookie file is definitely doing it's job, as
I have a number of entires in there and everything works consistently.


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