[SQU] Copying log file

From: Awie <awie@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:18:07 +0800


I have ACCESS.LOG files that seems pretty big. I tried copying it to a floppy disk (1.44 MB). I thought that my access.log is 1,38 MB, but I am wrong. I just realized that LINUX can copy as much as size of destination media, and leave the rest.

1. Would you tell me how break and copy all size of file in several floppy disks? Then I can encapsulate to one file in my other computer.

2. How can I transfer the access.log file to Windows environment?

3. Can I limit the size of my access.log file (let's say 5 MB)? So, It will never exceed the maximum limit.

Many thanks for your help.

Best Regards,

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