Re: [SQU] some oid in squid snmp doesn't work

From: Budi Aditya <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 08:34:40 +0700 (JAVT)

> I think you are looking for cacheProtoClientHttpRequests
> (if I am reading the MIB correctly)
> cacheProtoClientHttpRequests is a per-client counter with one value per
> client. The cacheClientTable is however not (yet?) accessible over
> SNMP, only by the cachemgr interface.

thx for your answer ...

may i ask one more question ? ..
if i want to graph in mrtg request rate / request hit ratio
(like found in some appliance) which oid that i must monitor ? ..

and if i want to graph byte hit ratio , which
oid too , that i must monitor ? ...

sorry for that newbie question,coz i'm new
in squid matters -:P

thanks a lot for your answer, it helps me alot :)


Budi Aditya

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