[SQU] Transparency HTTP & SSL

From: <Craig_Hamilton@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 20:59:49 +1000


I have seen some discussion on this topic, so I understand that this is not
possible with Squid, however I have not seen a workaraound to help our

We have various internal webservers in use, and new ones appear every so
often for development and testing then disappear again, access to these
servers are by IP security, therfore the users machines need to access the
web servers directly. Using a named proxy setup, it would be a nightmare
to maintin exception lists on users browsers. Our users need to access
external sites by both http and SSL. Our firewall manager is relucatant to
implement NAT and access to all internal machines out through the firewall
and would rather it all come from a single proxy.

Is there a way to get squid to proxy HTTP & SSL? or will I have to
implement some form of NAT on the Linux machine squid is running on?

Craig Hamilton.

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