Re: [SQU] Transparency HTTP & SSL

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 22:47:16 +1100

If you use a .pac file, you can have the best of both worlds. The browsers will download the file every time they are started, and
it has more functionality than a manual proxy setup regardless.. See the squid FAQ for info on pac files.


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Subject: [SQU] Transparency HTTP & SSL

> Hi,
> I have seen some discussion on this topic, so I understand that this is not
> possible with Squid, however I have not seen a workaraound to help our
> situation.
> We have various internal webservers in use, and new ones appear every so
> often for development and testing then disappear again, access to these
> servers are by IP security, therfore the users machines need to access the
> web servers directly. Using a named proxy setup, it would be a nightmare
> to maintin exception lists on users browsers. Our users need to access
> external sites by both http and SSL. Our firewall manager is relucatant to
> implement NAT and access to all internal machines out through the firewall
> and would rather it all come from a single proxy.
> Is there a way to get squid to proxy HTTP & SSL? or will I have to
> implement some form of NAT on the Linux machine squid is running on?
> TIA,
> Craig Hamilton.
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