[SQU] Squid box with two seperate Internet links

From: Mehran <List@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 14:43:17 +0330

Dear list members,

We are connected to Internet via two seperate links with different set of IP addresses: one of them is a one-way connection via a satellite service and the other is a symmetric leased line connection.We use Transparent Caching for our clients.Now, the question is: Is there any way for one Squid box to be used under one of the following conditions?

1- Squid can receive requests for each subnet from its individual link .
2- Squid acts in someway to Load Balancing. I mean Squid can decide between two links to get the requests from the Internet via the link that at the instance has the lower data traffic.

thank you in advance.

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