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From: J.D. Bronson <jeff@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:03:52 -0600

I have an interesting issue.

I am running the latest snapshot of squid 2.4 under solaris 8.
Most options are default...very little has changed under the defaulted

I noticed the following:

When I use IE 5.5 to browse and use a 'favorite bookmark' the site is not

For example, today I went to the bookmark for Squid 2.4 to see if a daily
tarball was released... It showed 01/29 as the latest....however, when I
clicked REFRESH on the browser, it showed a NEW tarball of 01/30!

I have IE set to 'check for newer versions on every visit to the page' and
this didnt seem to help. I also have IE set to delete the tempory cache
folders upon exit....

Any ideas? - I dont want my users to think that some web sites have not
been updated!



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