RE: [SQU] Forcing Users To Use proxy

From: Kieran Skinner <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 13:19:05 -0000


I may be missing something here, but I would have thought the best way to
force users to use proxy would be to.

a) Install Firewall between users and Internet
b) Only allow outgoing traffic on port 80 or whatever from the IP address
of the squid proxy
c) Tell users to point proxy settings in browser at squid to get web

Play round with inbound and outbound access filters as desired on firewall
to gain desired level of security.

You do this trick for FTP to just use different ports etc...

I think almost any other way, user can change settings on PC and choose not
to use proxy.


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how can i redirect the web port 80 to my squid proxy. I know it's possible
to do
it with the w95 configuration, but is it possible to do the same thinks with
linux firewall.


Nathan Kahn a écrit :

> I accomplish this by disabling DNS in tcp properties on the windows boxes.
> They can still retrieve web pages (via squid) or email (local only, via
> POP). They can't do much else on the 'net, like Real Audio won't work,
> that isn't necessarily a bad thing :-)
> Nathan
> At 11:22 PM 1/29/01 +1030, Mick Collins wrote:
> >I was wondering if there was a way of re-directing all traffic (weather
> >not it is using proxy or not) to use the proxy server
> >
> >eg in proxy settings in ie5 you set to use a proxy.
> >
> >if that is unchecked could it deny all incomming and outgoing web
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