[SQU] Load balance several Internet links using one cache

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Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:31:36 +0200

Dear Squid Users,

Is there a way squid can load balance incomming (downloaded) traffic from the web servers to it, on a several links ?

This is needed very much in case if there is 3 links connected to my company, and these links are with different bandwidths, how can I make squid download from these 3 links and load balance between them

I figured if I can set several IP's for the squid, and squid can load balance outgoing requests to web servers on these IP's it will be done.

if Linux or Unix must have only 1 gateway only, then IP spoofing should be used, where squid will send requests to the web servers through it's only 1 gateway, but spoof the IP address of the source to be a round robin from the IPs on the squid engine.
or can it be done using several interfaces?

Any help or suggestions about this?
I think it is a good idea for load balancing that maybe many of squid users may find effective.

Best Regards

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