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From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 06:37:23 -0600

How about just 'filling' the cache with desired pages and then going
into Offline Mode? Empty the cache before each 'fill' session to insure
nothing unapproved remains...then visit all the needed pages. This
isn't quite as good an answer as Robert gave (wget) but it's simpler in
some cases. (Robert's solution will answer the problem of dynamic pages
not being cached, though, if done properly.) Though I suppose you could
also fiddle with the nocache directives to tweak Squid to cache
everything, even dynamic content.

The other solution would be to collect the URL's of every page visited
from the access.log and explicitly allow /only/ those addresses via an
ACL file or a SquidGuard database. This could be scripted.

Devin Teske wrote:

> Oops, stupid hotmail, when you hit the reply button, it doesn't default
> to but to the person. That's why sometimes after
> I send it I realized that I haven't sent it to the list so it ends up
> going to both people.
> I'm about to start cursing. I've come way to far to stop now. There HAS
> to be a solution to this. You do know what the end product is right?
> Teachers go online, somehow that add a link to a database. Students go
> online, students can only go to those pages and nowhere else. This is
> the final goal. I will never give up on this.
> Thanks,
> Devin Teske

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