[SQU] non_cache proxy

From: J.D. Bronson <lists@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 08:23:48 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

I noticed a change and cannot find the answer.
I want to setup squid on one machine to simply proxy and not
store a single thing.

Reading the FAQ shows:
You can use the no_cache access list to make Squid never cache any

        acl all src 0/0
        no_cache deny all

With Squid-2.4 and later you can use the ``null'' storage module:

        cache_dir null -1 1000

.....Well, the first part does seem to work. The specified cache dir does
not grow a single bit.

However, using the second entry with squid (2.4 daily source (03-03-2001))
causes squid to exit abnormally.


What is the NEW and correct syntax to not only have squid not cache a
thing but eliminate the cache_dir in this case....?

Thanx in advance!

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