Re: [SQU] Replacing MS Proxy Server with Squid

From: Vishwanath Paranjape <>
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 20:34:24

one more serious drawback of MS proxy which i faced...

the client and server talk using netbios name and not the IP address
 so if the MS proxy server and clients are deployed and then name of the
machine is changed,everything stops!
i faced this problem :(


At 04:15 PM 2/28/01 -0500, you wrote:
>It is "incompatible" because Proxy client is trying to do things that Squid
>is not made to do.. nor will ever do.
>Proxy client intercepts Winsock calls and talks to the MS Proxy server to
>route them. This involves traffic beyond HTTP. Also, I am sure it uses
>proprietary protocols to talk to the MS Proxy. Basically Proxy Client lets
>you use Proxy Server as a cache/firewall for all TCP/IP traffic.
>MS Proxy Client is for ONLY MS Proxy server.
>You are sort of stuck. Drawback of using proprietary software. Always a
>pain when you want to move away from it.
>Of course, I way be wrong...
>Just to reiterate, Proxy Client seems to hijack the TCP/IP stack of the
>desktop. That is why it probably doesn't work.
>Adam Lang
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>Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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>Subject: [SQU] Replacing MS Proxy Server with Squid
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I intended to replace our MS Proxy Server with a Squid server. The squid
>> works on when being access from non-Windows 2000 workstations. However,
>> I have 600 Win2K workstations on campus. These cannot use Squid because
>> they have installed something called the "Microsoft Winsock Proxy
>> Client." Workstations using the MS Proxy Client simply time-out when
>> trying to connect to Squid. In other words, simply changing their
>> browsers to point at the Squid server is not sufficient, the Proxy
>> Client needs to be disabled on each workstation. With the Proxy client
>> removed (or by using a non-Win2k workstation with Netscape/IE,
>> everything is OK).
>> I can easily make all the Win2K workstations browsers point to the Squid
>> Server as proxy using Active Directory, but there is no way of going
>> around all 600 workstations and removing the MS Proxy Client.
>> What is making Squid incompatible with MS PC? Is there a workaround?
>> What does MS PC do? Effectively, Win2K workstations with MS PC installed
>> cannot be moved over to Squid until a workaround can be found. I'd love
>> to get Squid running, because MS Proxy Server has not nice features like
>> filtering, detailed ACLs etc...
>> Hope someone can help!
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Stephen.
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