Re: [SQU] Squid is NOT a FTP proxy .. now what ?

From: Bert Driehuis <>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 16:19:56 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Fabrice Laborie wrote:

> I have read in about 200 posts on this mailing list that
> squid is NOT a FTP proxy ...
> I understood ( and tested ) that if a HTTP client makes a FTP
> requests through squid will be able to process it. but this still
> doesn't turn squid into a FTP proxy ...

You would have known this if you had read the FAQ as well.

> now WHAT ?
> - is someone working on that ?

Try to think how you would implement it before asking that question. How
would a user specify which host to connect to? Have you ever looked at
how the FTP protocol works? Sure, it is not impossible to get it
working, but it would complicate Squid tremendously, and it would not
make your users happier because they would still have to change things
in order to FTP through a firewall.

Have a look at the TIS firewall toolkit, and in particular the ftp-gw

> I thought that if squid was able to fetch a page on a ftpserver, half of
> the work is already done ;-)
> but I guess that if pple put more energy on this list saying what squid
> is not instead of turning squid
> into a ftpproxy, there must be a reason ....
> any trick hidden?
> somebody has done a sizing of the effort to do this work? any pre-alfa
> version around ??

Yes, this has been looked into. It is not worth doing.

> - what are you guys out there using as a work around ?
> I NEED to proxyfy FTP requests .... (caching would be a nice feature.
> but I'd survive without that)
> an other program on an other machine/ other port dedicated to ftp proxy?
> any idea ( if possible free stuff ) would be apreciated !

Again, look at TIS. It is not "as free" as some folks like, but look at
the license before deciding.


                                        -- Bert

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