[SQU] Squid is NOT a FTP proxy .. now what ?

From: Fabrice Laborie <laborie@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 17:49:32 +0300


I have read in about 200 posts on this mailing list that
squid is NOT a FTP proxy ...

I understood ( and tested ) that if a HTTP client makes a FTP requests
squid will be able to process it.
but this still doesn't turn squid into a FTP proxy ...

now WHAT ?

- is someone working on that ?
I thought that if squid was able to fetch a page on a ftpserver, half of
the work is already done ;-)
but I guess that if pple put more energy on this list saying what squid
is not instead of turning squid
into a ftpproxy, there must be a reason ....
any trick hidden?
somebody has done a sizing of the effort to do this work? any pre-alfa
version around ??

- what are you guys out there using as a work around ?
I NEED to proxyfy FTP requests .... (caching would be a nice feature.
but I'd survive without that)
an other program on an other machine/ other port dedicated to ftp proxy?
any idea ( if possible free stuff ) would be apreciated !


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