Re: [SQU] Replacing MS Proxy Server with Squid

From: Adam Lang <>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 11:25:34 -0500

I think that is sort of what I said... I doubt you need to run NetBeui to
use proxy. If you are running TCP/IP, you don't even need to run Wins.
What the client will do is broadcast for the comptuer (netbios) name. If
you have Wins, the client will check the wins server first, get the IP
address, and send the info that way. MS typically runs Netbios over TCP/IP
even when you have just TCP installed. Pre Win2k networking can't get buy
without it... well, atleast without using broadcasting.

So... I'd assume that you could add a static Wins mapping named "MyProxy"
and give it an IP address. Set up all the clients to go to that. This way,
if you put the MS Proxy on a different computer, you just need to change the
IP address of the static mapping and it should work.

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> Vishwanath is correct. For the WINSOCK proxy, the two nodes communicate
> via RPC over NETBIOS, over whatever lower layer happens to be there.
> Thus the NETBIOS name, not ip name, is important.
> WINS _may_ be a factor if TCP/IP is the internal network protocol.
> Rob

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