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From: Joe Cooper <>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 11:18:48 -0600

One of the methods I suggested was to pre-fill the cache, and then go
into offline mode.

This /may/ require modification of the no_cache settings in order to
cache the results of cgi scripts, and other things which are generally
not cachable. Experience will have to tell you what to do there, as
I've never personally done anything like what you want.

In short, here's the steps to a pre-fill:

Clear your cache (rm -rf /cachedir/*, or just format the partition).
Start Squid. Visit the pages that are needed for the class or whatever.
Turn on offline_mode in the squid.conf file.
Restart Squid.
Browse those pages. offline_mode will prevent any other pages from
being visited.

If all content is static, and none of the content has aggressive expiry
times, this will work fine. And is probably the easiest for your
teachers to use. You could put up a small cgi script on each system,
that when called will put the cache into offline mode. And another to
empty the cache and put it back into online mode. Then the teachers
could click a button to start filling and a button to allow the offline

Next is Robert's suggestion for using wget to create a local mirror.
Also a good option, but also with some potential problems to be worked

With wget, you can do what is called a recursive web suck (option
-r) default this will suck down copies of every link down to 5
levels of links (so each link on each page will be pulled down into a
local directory). You can then browse this local directory (you could
even put it onto a local webserver if you needed it to be shareable
across the whole school). The potential problems include absolute links
in the pages ( jump out of your
local mirror...whereas some/page will not).

Note that both have their problems...but both will do what you want with
a little work. There is no magic button to push to limit in such a
strict way the internet. Because resources are so very distributed, it
is very hard to pick one 'page' and say let's only allow this one page.
  That page possibly links to and pulls from a hundred servers. Maybe
not...but it could.

Devin Teske wrote:

>>>>> Forwarded to Squidusers
>> Joe's pointer (squid cache retention times) & mine (wget from a full
>> access account to make mirrors) will work.
>> Squid ACLs, Squid redirectors, WILL NOT.
> Can you explain in more detail how I would implement either Joe's or
> Rob's scenario? How would they both work?
> Thanks,
> Devin Teske

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