Re: [SQU] auth problems

From: Colin Campbell <>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 10:36:55 +1000 (EST)


This is a FAQ. The order of the application of ACLs is important. Squid
behaves as follows:

http_access acl AND acl AND ...
http_access acl AND acl AND ...
http_access acl AND acl AND ...

It also stops at the first match.

So, from your list, only the first three http_access lines ever will be
used. If someone is going to ebsco, they pass else if they're going to
colstate they pass else they go nowhere because the "http_access deny BAD"
catches all other destinations. No further http_access lines will be


On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Olano, Kenny Kris wrote:

> I am having problems trying to get the password box to popup in the
> client's browser but no password box comes up. Here is my code
> Please tell me if i am doing something wrong.
> acl ebsco dstdomain
> acl colstate dstdomain
> acl BAD dst
> http_access allow ebsco
> http_access allow colstate
> http_access deny BAD
> http_access allow localhost
> acl proxyUSER proxy_auth REQUIRED
> http_access allow proxyUSER
> http_access deny all

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