[SQU] pre-stable2 problems

From: Florin Andrei <florin@dont-contact.us>
Date: 07 Mar 2001 17:05:04 -0800

I tried to use 2.4.PRE-STABLE2 compiled on Irix-6.5 with the native cc
compiler and these options:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/squid --enable-gnuregex \
--enable-storeio="diskd,null,ufs" --enable-removal-policies="heap,lru" \
--enable-delay-pools --enable-useragent-log --enable-referer-log \
--enable-underscores --enable-snmp --disable-internal-dns

and these flags:

CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -fullwarn -n32 -mips4 -IPA -Ofast -OPT:Olimit=0
-nostdinc -I/usr/include -D_BSD_SIGNALS -DSTDC_HEADERS"

LDFLAGS="-fullwarn -n32 -mips4 -IPA -nostdlib -L/usr/lib32/mips4

...and i was actually trying to use it with diskd enabled (i have 2
cache_dirs), snmp, 10 dnsservers, no delay pools (yet), and lru
replacement policy.

Every time i executed "squid -k reconfigure", i saw 2 more diskd
processes appearing in the process list. Another reconfigure ==> another
2 diskds. And so on.
Also, "squid -k shutdown" wasn't able to kill those rogue diskds.

Switched back to PRE-STABLE-200102260000 with same options, and
everything's allright now. Seems like something changed from PRE-STABLE

Florin Andrei
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