Re: [SQU] memory problem

From: Colin Campbell <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 08:53:03 +1000 (EST)


From my reading of the code, this is a problem trying to write to a log or

> 2001/03/08 05:40:14| Set Current Directory to /cache
> 2001/03/08 05:40:14| diskHandleWrite: FD 8: disk write
> error: (28) No space left
> on device
> FATAL: Write failure -- check your disk space and
> cache.log

Here's the section of code (disk.c) from 2.3S2 that produces this error:

    fd_bytes(fd, len, FD_WRITE);
    if (len < 0) {
        if (!ignoreErrno(errno)) {
            status = errno == ENOSPC ? DISK_NO_SPACE_LEFT : DISK_ERROR;
            debug(50, 1) ("diskHandleWrite: FD %d: disk write error: %s\n",
                fd, xstrerror());
             * If there is no write callback, then this file is
             * most likely something important like a log file, or
             * an interprocess pipe. Its not a swapfile. We feel
             * that a write failure on a log file is rather important,
             * and Squid doesn't otherwise deal with this condition.
             * So to get the administrators attention, we exit with
             * a fatal message.
            if (fdd->wrt_handle == NULL)
                fatal("Write failure -- check your disk space and cache.log");

To me it looks like the filesystem with the logs is full. It is not a
cache problem.


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