Re: [SQU] too slow

From: M. Yu <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 09:07:26 +0800

> miss response time is high, but hits are low.
> Maybe your first DNS server is down?

I only have 1 DNS server on my LAN and it's working ok AFAIK. If miss
response time is high but hits are low, is it being caused by a
malfunctioning, dead or slow DNS server? Can anyone explain how response
times could be affected by a DNS server which resides on the same LAN?

Maybe it would help to tell you we're using asymmetric routing. We have a
128K frame relay link TO the outside world and a 512K satellite link FROM
the outside world. We achieve this asymmetry by using the IP address
provided by the satellite ISP (the IPs from the frame relay provider is not
used). Could this be causing a problem? If it is, we're to get our own
block from APNIC soon, will that help solve it?


M. Yu

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