Re: [SQU] too slow

From: Jon Mansey <>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 17:49:04 -0800

Which satellite provider? What if you use a Sat routed IP address on
a PC on your LAN, how is web access that way?


> > miss response time is high, but hits are low.
>> Maybe your first DNS server is down?
>I only have 1 DNS server on my LAN and it's working ok AFAIK. If miss
>response time is high but hits are low, is it being caused by a
>malfunctioning, dead or slow DNS server? Can anyone explain how response
>times could be affected by a DNS server which resides on the same LAN?
>Maybe it would help to tell you we're using asymmetric routing. We have a
>128K frame relay link TO the outside world and a 512K satellite link FROM
>the outside world. We achieve this asymmetry by using the IP address
>provided by the satellite ISP (the IPs from the frame relay provider is not
>used). Could this be causing a problem? If it is, we're to get our own
>block from APNIC soon, will that help solve it?
>M. Yu
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