[SQU] urlParse Error [agin and again]

From: Samuel Atlan <atlan@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 13:18:30 +0100


I also have the urlParse error log filling problem on my campus Web proxy.
It has become so important that I have to rotate my logs twice as fast as
before in order to prevent "disk full" errors. If somebody knows a clean way
to configure Squid to avoid writing this particular message and whitout
patching the source code, thanks for telling me...

I also found out that those errors originated from computers who did have
the babelfish translator agent installed on. On a clean system whitout any
other software, when the agent is launched, I have a message every 15
seconds or so... and as soon as the agent is stopped, no more messages are
posted to the log. However, I also had those type on computers whitout this
software. But as the computers are the students one, it's hard to track who
is using what kind of software. I also suspect software with embedded ads or
surf tracking modules ("Web browser enhancement" or "Comet cursor" in IE)

Those errors do not seems to come directly from IE but rather form side
programs using HTTP communicaton. Maybe they use an ill programmed DLL for
there communication needs somewhere in the system.

Here is the log :

983835123.655 1 193.48.xxx.xxx NONE/400 1323 GET
http://cache.ese-metz.fr:3128cache.ese-metz.fr:3128 - NONE/- -
983835123.664 2 193.48.xxx.xxx NONE/400 1323 GET
http://cache.ese-metz.fr:3128cache.ese-metz.fr:3128 - NONE/- -
983835123.673 2 193.48.xxx.xxx NONE/400 1399 GET
/scripts/cms/CmsInit.ASP?ID=1&D2=I`?BCs????@??&AW=167&LV=2045&CU=23588592 -
NONE/- -

It is always the same configuration... one or two urlParse errors followed
by this CmsInit.ASP GET command whitout any URL.

Hope this will help some of you.

Samuel Atlan.
Network administrator. Supélec Metz France.
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