From: Gabriel Toma <gtoma@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 12:52:10 +0200

The information below comes from cachemgr.cgi. It seems that squid goes
over the swap limit. Lucky for me that there is enough space on that
device. But it happened that squid went over the limit many times. It
just takes all the free space on that partition and then stops with an
error message (cannot write... not enough free space).

It seems that it does not replace anything in the cache. I defined the
cache_swap_low and cache_swap_hifg limits to be 50% and 55% (hoping that
a low limit will force squid to eliminate files from cache) but it does
not work either.

Please help me with this problem

Store Directory Statistics:
Store Entries : 9862
Maximum Swap Size : 90112 KB
Current Store Swap Size: 91905 KB
Current Capacity : 102% used, -1% free

Store Directory #0: /usr/local/squid/cache
First level subdirectories: 16
Second level subdirectories: 256
Maximum Size: 90112 KB
Current Size: 91905 KB
Percent Used: 101.99%
Filemap bits in use: 9597 of 16384 (59%)
Filesystem Space in use: 127652/8604768 KB (1%)
Filesystem Inodes in use: 13720/2228224 (1%)

Gabriel Toma
RoEduNet Craiova
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