[SQU] Z39.50 protocol on port 210...second version !

From: Hervé Ballans <herve.ballans@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 16:35:01 +0100


thank's for all your answers. Now, I've good understood the problem,
but...excuse me, I have always some difficulties to make a good
configuration file for my proxy...

1) Craig said :
"...open up a hole on your firewall for this protocol/port."

I made that :

acl portz3950 port 210
always_direct allow all portz3950

Is this good ?

2) the technical support of the database's editor wrote this to me :
"your proxy server should have port 210 programmed to send the packets
to our server address for primary and as the
backup server."

How do make this ?

Thank's a lot


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