[SQU] WCCP + linux 2.4.2 + iptables?

From: Sixx Lim <sixx@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 23:41:57 +0800

Well i couldn't find any answers both on the web, FAQs or archives.

So was wondering if anyone has this working on either production or
development network.

I followed the procedures to compile and install the kernel with
support for transparent proxy with netfilter/iptables and the ip_wccp.o
module. Both loads with no problem, but strangely i don't see any packets
on my cisco router for wccp even when i turned "deb ip wccp pack" i only
see packets to and from my old kernel 2.2 servers.

Is there something i missed out or is the wccp not supported on kernel 2.4.2?

And if this is so, should i use GRE tunneling instead?

Maybe someone should also update the FAQ as to iptables can't work with wccp
on squid servers which are not routers/gateways for a network, somehow or
iptables can't seem to redirect ports coming in from an interface to port 8080
on the same interface.

Or is it advisable to use multiple http_port directives in the squid.conf
to listen
on these ports instead of using iptables/ipchains redirection?

best regards,

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