Re: [SQU] WCCP + linux 2.4.2 + iptables?

From: Vishwanath Paranjape <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 01:15:06 +0530


actually i caanot guide you on this issue, but you can guide me i believe

myself and awie are trying independantly to get wccp and linux kernel 2.2.x
but we are facing same prob as the packets are not getting redirected from
cisco to cache engine.

can you send me some more info on how you achieved it?

thanx in advance

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From: Sixx Lim <>
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Date: Monday, March 12, 2001 9:37 PM
Subject: [SQU] WCCP + linux 2.4.2 + iptables?

>Well i couldn't find any answers both on the web, FAQs or archives.
>So was wondering if anyone has this working on either production or
>development network.
>I followed the procedures to compile and install the kernel with
>support for transparent proxy with netfilter/iptables and the ip_wccp.o
>module. Both loads with no problem, but strangely i don't see any packets
>on my cisco router for wccp even when i turned "deb ip wccp pack" i only
>see packets to and from my old kernel 2.2 servers.
>Is there something i missed out or is the wccp not supported on kernel
>And if this is so, should i use GRE tunneling instead?
>Maybe someone should also update the FAQ as to iptables can't work with
>on squid servers which are not routers/gateways for a network, somehow or
>iptables can't seem to redirect ports coming in from an interface to port
>on the same interface.
>Or is it advisable to use multiple http_port directives in the squid.conf
>to listen
>on these ports instead of using iptables/ipchains redirection?
>best regards,
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