[squid-users] internal dns on v 2.3-4

From: michel guilhem <michel.guilhem@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 11:45:50 +0100

i try to migrate v2.2-5 for 2.3-4 and i have a problem with dns .
I haven't made any changes on my dns ( intranet dns with forwarding for
internet adresses ) .

But my intranet pass through the proxy also and i use alias ( without
domain name therefore ) .

This alias exists in my dns located on the place of my intranet
domainname .

In the squid.conf i put the parameter append_domain to my intranet
domain_name .

And the squid reply to me that he can't resolve the name when i ask for
an alias !!!

what i forgot or the 2.3-4 version have a troubleshooting for the
resolution of the alias by the internal dns ?

Thank you very much for any clue

Guilhem michel
Received on Tue Mar 13 2001 - 03:42:24 MST

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