Re: [squid-users] More WCCP woes

From: Jorge Boncompte [DTI2] <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 12:21:26 +0100

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Subject: Re: [squid-users] More WCCP woes

> All,
> I hope that WCCP is still hot topic to be discussed. Most of us got
> different symptoms. I made an assumption that may be wrong, please correct
> me.

    I hope too. I don't have my particular setup running at all.

> 1. Vishwanath Paranjape could get "Here_I_Am" packet but still cannot
> redirecting HTTP to Squid
> 2. Jorge Boncompte seems solve the problem by using IP GRE.

    I'm using the ip_wccp module without any patches. My problem is that
squid doesn't "understand" what it receives. I have defined several ip
tables to redirect packets but seems to not work.

> 3. Curtis Hays even could not connected his Squid to Router through WCCP
> 4. I could connect Squid to Router without getting "Here_I_Am" packet and
> still cannot redirecting HTTP to Squid.
> I am very curious about this problem. Frankly, I am sure that suggestion /
> sample from Jan Haluza and Al Blake is very helpful. Unfortunately, we
> more luck to solve the redirection problem.
> Now, I am waiting Cisco staff checking my IOS (version 12.0(7)T) about
> possibility of bugs to support WCCPv1. If it is negative, I must suspect
> WCCP tunneling (UDP port 2048, isn't it?), that I am really blind what I
> should do.

    WCCP encapsulates redirected packets in GRE (Generic Routing
Encapsulation) and send them to the Cache box. UDP port 2048 is the
"ststatus port", I think. The ip_wccp module strips the GRE header from the
packets it has received. The only one difference between this and the ip_gre
is that you can send GRE packets because you can define a new interface and

> Thx & rgds,
> Awie


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