Re: [squid-users] What load can SQUID cope with in accelerator mode?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 20:34:45 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Ole Moller wrote:

> >I've done tests with polygraph and achieved 500+ requests per second
> >with similar workload characteristics (90% DHR, 10K file size).
> Would you guys please share some hints about how you accomplished that?
> I have a very similar system (athlon-800, 1.25Gb ram, 4x4gb scsi disk). It
> is running two apache webservers one with all the fancy stuff and one to
> serve static files (mostly zip-files and a couple of png's). At peak I have
> 1500 concurrent http-demons of the later running and up to 30-60 seconds of
> queue for getting a request served. My best guess is that it was
> approximately 20 req/s at peak. In the static-serving http I have a little
> perl-script running that translated the request to a physical file via
> mod_rewrite.
> Then I got the idea of putting a squid up as a accelerator, moving the http
> demon to, using the same perlscript as redirector. At first
> glance it worked like a charm. When I was the only user I got almost full
> throughput when requesting a uncached file and it was even faster when the
> file was cached. Then I onlined it, and cpuload, memory usage and such
> dropped dramatically, the number of http-demons was reduced to about 300 -
> fine. Then I tried it for my self, I had to wait about 3 minutes before
> squid started to serve my request and when it did I got about 2kb/sec
> (instead of expected 1mb/sec). When squid had run for about 10 minutes it
> killed itself with a message of "FATAL: Too many queued redirector requests".
> I believe that this not is the real cause of death considering that I had
> started 30 and one did the job fine when running from apache. Have you any
> idea of what could be blocking? disk io?
> some facts: OS is FreeBSD 3.3 (highly tweaked, filedescriptors and such are
> configured for high load)

You can find some details at

I wasn't using Apache. In my test, Polygraph is serving responses.

Also I wasn't using redirectors. That seems like a likely bottleneck,
especially with just one CPU.

You may want to grab my "squid-rrd" stuff from It may help
you see if your bottleneck is CPU, disk I/O, etc. Unfortunately
those scripts don't grab any information relating to redirectors, but
its probably not too hard to add that.

I lied about achieving "500+" TPS. It was closer to 480.

PS, I could never get FreeBSD 3.x to stay running very long with
Squid. It always ran out of vnodes, locking up the system. I've had
much better luck with 4.x.
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