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Henrik Nordstrom <> on 03/19/2001
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Subject: Re: [squid-users] Authentication modules

Well.. technically the authentication mechanisms are separate programs,
not directly part of Squid. Because of this it is quite hard to keep a
authorative list of all modules floating around.

However, the closest to an authorative list is the source archives of
the current development version.

(I think the above URL is correct.. but I am currently offline an cannot
verify the correctness)

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker wrote:
> Hi!  I've seen a number of messages flying around about various
> authentication mechanisms supported by Squid (like PAM, SMB, LDAP, etc).
> Where can I get a list of the authentication modules supported by Squid?
> went to the FAQ and found these:
> The Squid source code comes with a few authentcation processes. These
> LDAP: Uses the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
> NCSA: Uses an NCSA-style username and password file.
> MSNT: Uses a Windows NT authentication domain.
> PAM: Uses the Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules scheme.
> SMB: Uses a SMB server like Windows NT or Samba.
> getpwam: Uses the old-fashioned Unix password file.
> yet I just saw a message regarding NIS, which is not listed above.  Is
the above the complete list and others must supply their own modules?
> Thanks in advance!
> Peace.....
> Tom
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