[squid-users] Authentication modules

From: <Tom.Williams@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 09:11:51 -0800

Hi! I've seen a number of messages flying around about various
authentication mechanisms supported by Squid (like PAM, SMB, LDAP, etc).

Where can I get a list of the authentication modules supported by Squid? I
went to the FAQ and found these:

The Squid source code comes with a few authentcation processes. These include:
LDAP: Uses the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
NCSA: Uses an NCSA-style username and password file.
MSNT: Uses a Windows NT authentication domain.
PAM: Uses the Linux Pluggable Authentication Modules scheme.
SMB: Uses a SMB server like Windows NT or Samba.
getpwam: Uses the old-fashioned Unix password file.

yet I just saw a message regarding NIS, which is not listed above. Is the above the complete list and others must supply their own modules?

Thanks in advance!


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