Re: [squid-users] ident packages and the "Unknown" user

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 18:58:23 +0100

What do you mean by "Unknown"?

Does Squid log the username "Unknown", or the standard "-" for <unknown

If it is logging "Unknown" then your ident server is returning Unknown
to Squid.

It is is logging "-", then Squid failed to receive a ident reply in

Note for Squid's ident processing: By default Squid does not wait for
ident lookups to complete. If the request finishes before the ident
lookup has completed then "-" will be logged. You can change this by

One way to force Squid to wait for the ident to complete is to use ident
in a dummy http_access line.

acl do_ident ident REQUIRED
acl none src
http_access deny do_ident none

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
Thomas Adam wrote:
> Hi List,
> To cut a long story short, our squid proxy server
> works beautifully. We have an ident package running on
> our PDC server, but for some reason, squid logs quite
> a few entries in access.log with a user called
> "Unknown". I suspect what causes this is that if there
> are a huge number of requests to a particular site,
> then this might overload the ident package.
> So, my question is, how do I cure getting rid of, or
> reducing the number of "Unknown" users.
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