[squid-users] Access to local domain

From: Jim Mertens <jim_mertens@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:42:15 +0100


I've posted this a few days ago...but until now I can't resolve the problem.

acl local dst
acl localweb1 dstdomain .mydomain1.com
acl localweb2 dstdomain .mydomain2.com

always_direct allow localweb1
always_direct allow localweb2
always_direct allow local

always_direct deny all

On the local LAN there's a Apache-webserver that serves two www-domains.
When I set my ISP-proxy as default in Internet Explorer I can browse them
without a problem. When I put the Squid-server that's on my LAN, I can only
browse the external-websites. Not the two that are on my LAN.

When I examine the tcpdump I see that there are request to the www-port of
my local webserver but it seems like Squid isn't getting anything back.

After a while I see an "udp-port unreachable" to the proxy of my ISP pass

I've put my ISP-proxy as the parent-proxy.

All this is now running in a test-environment for our company. They are very
pleased with the functionallity of Squid...expect that

Anyone got some help?

Best Regards,

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