Re: [squid-users] DNS probems?

From: Bill Arlofski <>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 20:10:35 -0500

Hi Henrik... Thanks for the reply... I have been doing a bit more
research on this... It seems that I see quite a few 'lame server'
messages from my DNS server in my syslogs. I didn't have the time to
'really' dig into this today when I found it in my syslogs, but I find
it hard to believe that (for instance) has a "lame
server delegation"...

And you are correct about receiving the correct answer shortly after...
So, if I understand this issue correctly, it is a BIND error/issue, not
a squid problem...

Do you know what a client (like ie or netscape) might see in a case of
one of these 'lame server' responses from the DNS server without squid
as thier proxy? A "server timeout" perhaps?

Thanks again. I will continue my search, but will direct my efforts at
the DNS server.

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> Problem with diagnosing DNS problems is that by the time (or shordly
> thereafter) you receive the error DNS has most likely received the
> correct answer..
> My guess is that your DNS server is overloading and performing badly
> (probably swapping).
> --
> Henrik Nordstrom
> Squid hacker
> Bill Arlofski wrote:
>> Hi everyone... Been a long time since I posted here, but here I am. :)
>> I'm using squid 2.3Stable4 and am having seamingly random DNS issues. I
>> checked the 2.3 BUGS page, and the exact problem I am seeing seems to
>> have been reported and fixed back in 2.3stable2. I have tried both the
>> internal DNS and external DNS methods of address resolution for squid,
>> and this still happens. The sites seem to be random, and I can do an
>> nslookup at my dns server immediately following one of these errors and
>> the address does resolve. Also, simply turning OFF the proxy cache in
>> netscape/ie etc, the site can be reached. Re-enabling it gives the same
>> error. (I even lowered the negative-dns-ttl and negative-ttl options to
>> see if that would help) no change.

Bill Arlofski
Unix Systems Administrator
The Hotchkiss School
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