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From: Richard Russell <richard.russell@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 22:19:55 +0930

you could pay someone to search for said sites, and add them to squid
ACLs -- I'm sure there'd be people willing to volunteer for that, so it
wouldn't even cost you anything :)

Seriously though, I'd assume you are planning to have someone staffing the
cafe? Make it clear to patrons that they can't look at porn or offensive
material, and keep an eye on them -- use a mirror so as not to be too
intrusive, and perhaps make the squid logs accessible to your staff member,
so if they suspect someone is looking at nudey sites, and they look in the
logs, and it says http://www.nudeysite.com/, then you either go talk to
them, or you make a popup window to warn them. Basically, if you are tough
on it (as long as you can be reasonably sure that they were looking at porn,
and not something truly educational), and give them 1 warning if it's
questionably offesive, and no warnings if it's out and out porn, then you'll
be fine... Bear in mind that many users of internet cafes use them to read
hotmail, and sometimes if a nudey picture pops up on their screen, it's not
really their fault...


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Hello. I am currently setting up a internet cafe and am looking for a
command or something to limit or deny all access to porn sites. I have
currently read that you need some kind of file to read from which sites it
allows and deny's. I would be muchly appriciated if someone could help me .


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