Re: [squid-users] Nothing instead of username

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:38:27 +0200

Simon Bryan wrote:

> >If using proxy authentication:
> >a) User has not logged in yet. Results in proxy sending a 407 message
> >"login required" with - as logged user name..
> >b) You might have a leak in your ruleset, allowing some access without
> >first logging in
> This is what I am concerned about

Then check your access.log. If there is any requests that seem to have
been forwarded without a proper user id then investigate your
http_access rules to try to figure out why it might have been allowed.

> >It using ident:
> >You are probably not requiring ident lookups to finish. Add a
> >http_access rule maching ident lookups.
> Thanks, not in a position to look this up in squid.conf at the moment, it
> is not in the FAQ. Is it commented well in the conf file? If so I will be
> able to check this and implement it tomorrow (Sydney time) otherwise is
> there somewhere I should look for how to implement it?
> I am using smb_auth quite OK, apart from this probelm.

If you are using smb_auth then you are most likely NOT using ident.
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