Re: [squid-users] Mail problems

From: Adam Lang <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 11:46:13 -0500

Squid has nothing to do with mail. If you expected squid to route mail to
the internet, you have a problem. You need to configure the OS to either
route packets to the interent for POP and SMTP and/or you have to setup NAT
on the linux server.

Squid is an HTTP proxy only. Routing and NAT are handled by the linux
kernel. Odds are you are using a kernel before 2.4, so you want to look
into ipchains.

Adam Lang
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Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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Subject: [squid-users] Mail problems

> Hi:
> I'm new with squid, I recently installed squid in my
> server, and I have some problems.
> First, I'm a network administrator in the company
> where I work, the network is most of Windows and NT,
> and I insatall a sever with a Linux, this server is
> dedicated to the internet, a few days I have installed
> the squid proxy server, and the first problem was that
> my Linux server became so slow, The second problem was
> that the people who sends mails with outloock (MS) and
> netscape messenger, can't do it anymore, and I dont
> know why.
> Is there any configuration that I miss in the
> configuration file?. I can't find a configuration for
> the mail.
> I really apreciate your help with this, thank you
> Marcelo
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