[squid-users] Netscape 6/Mozilla repeating bug?

From: Joe Cooper <joe@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:57:15 -0600

Hi everyone,

I've begun seeing, every few days, a weird issue wherein an object will
be repeatedly requested at a rate of about 10 times a second--. I've
seen it on several different caches, running in accelerator and
interception proxy modes so it's not isolated. I've even been able to
reproduce it locally and I believe it is a Mozilla/Netscape 6 bug.

The object can be a cache hit, miss, or negative hit (probably anything
else, also). It seems to happen sometimes, but not always, when
Netscape goes into 'spin' mode, wherein the page has finished loading,
but the status bar is still cycling as though it is loading something.
Going to a new page stops it, but nothing else seems to.

It seems mostly harmless, though it does lead to an awful lot of logging
and a severe skewing of the cache statistics as the status
(HIT/MISS/etc.) gets logged each time. (So eventually, the hit ratio or
miss ratio will climb to ridiculously high levels.)

Squid versions being tested are 2.2STABLE5+hno asyncufs and 2.4 ufs.
Repeating it is as easy as reloading a page with a lot of images
(slashdot.org can trigger it just about every time). I'm using Netscape
6.01 on Linux, but I've had reports from my clients that the bug effects
other OS versions as well.

I'm betting this is a client side bug, but I'm hoping someone else has
seen this and has some further thoughts on what can be done to alleviate
the stats skewing feature of this bug.
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