Re: [squid-users] History of SqUiD

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 02:37:10 +0200

I used Squid-1.0-beta-something in production with varying degrees of
success while patching the code to suit my needs. It at least worked
better than the Harvest cached Squid started as..

Hmm.. once in a time had all releases of Squid with
their release dates, however it seems the 1.X tree has been killed from
the server nowdays. But you can still pull up the information from CVS.

By reading an old version of the Changelog we can see that Squid-1.0.0
was released 1 Jul 1996. Most of the release dates of other early Squid
versions can be found here:

As I said Squid really started as Harvest Cached, so there was several
"stable" versions prior to this but under another name: "Harvest
Cached". I don't know very much about the "Harvest Cached" history other
than that it more or less ended some months prior to this as the bulk of
the development team apparently left and started NetCache, which then
got bought by ... (drifting away a bit too much from Squid here so I'll
leave it by that). According to an old Harvest Cached change log,
version 1.0 was released 7 november 1994, which I presume would classify
as the first release of Squid if direct inheritance is taken into

I did use Harvest Cached before jumping on the Squid train, and CERN
httpd before that (see the changelog for CERN/w3c httpd if in doubt ;-),
and things surely have evolved since then, and I like to think to the
better ;-)

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid hacker
Joerg Fritsch wrote:
> Hi,
> does someone know when about the 1st more or less usable Squid release came
> out ?
> --Joerg
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