[squid-users] Xeon / P3 / Dual decision

From: Ahsan Ali <ahsan@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 11:46:19 +0500

Hello guys,

I'm building a Squid proxy to handle approximately 8Mbit/sec of bandwidth.
I've decided to use the following:

3 x 36GB SCSI hard drives
1 x 18GB (OS + logging etc - logging only when needed)
2 GB RAM [may use 3]
GBIT Ethernet (may end up using Fast Ethernet only)

I need to maximize bandwidth on this box without completely sacrificing
latency. I will not be running any content/url/regex checking for blocking
sites on this proxy - so I think a dual processor system would be a waste.

But I have the following choices with respect to the processor(s):

1 x P3 - 1.26GHz w/ 256K cache
2 x P3 - 1.26GHz w/ 256K cache
1 x P3-Xeon-700MHz w/ 2MB cache
2 x P3-Xeon-700MHz w/ 2MB cache

Which one should I go for?

Also, when its time to upgrade this box, shall I add more ram and disk or
just add another identical proxy and peer it with this one?

Thanks in advance!

-Ahsan Ali
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