Re: [squid-users] Xeon / P3 / Dual decision

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 09:33:39 +0100

At 11:46 AM 11/7/01 +0500, Ahsan Ali wrote:
>Hello guys,
>I'm building a Squid proxy to handle approximately 8Mbit/sec of bandwidth.
>I've decided to use the following:
>3 x 36GB SCSI hard drives
>1 x 18GB (OS + logging etc - logging only when needed)
>2 GB RAM [may use 3]
>GBIT Ethernet (may end up using Fast Ethernet only)

I am not running a that big a site but I have noticed that HD performance
is the bottleneck in Squid. My Sparc Ultra1-140MHz can easily cope but my 4
4GB 10krpm SCSI disks introduce some delays once in a while. Dual CPU seems
unnecessary for Squid alone. It might help a bit to keep some other
processes from interfering with Squid's CPU time.

I tend to suggest that 6 UW SCSI disks of 18GB is a better choice and I
would not worry to much about the CPU. Tests showed that my 140MHz Ultra1
can sustain about 50-60Mbps (ATM OC3) if the disk seeks are kept to a
fairly low level. (Keep in mind though that a RISC with RISC-optimized OS
does not compare directly with a CISC + CISC-optimized OS.)

Marc van Selm
NATO C3 Agency, CIS/CaN

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