Re: [squid-users] rfc: 'leet cache tuning; managing cache algorithm parameters (poss. add controls - RFE?)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 15:34:32 +0100

In Squid you have the refresh_pattern option. Allows you to quite detailed
control expiry times and various hacks based on URL regexe matches.

See the documentation in squid.conf.default.

Squid does not implement prefetching.

If you feel that more is needed than what refresh_pattern can provide, please
write down a small requirement specification.

Henrik Nordström
Squid Hacker

On Tuesday 13 November 2001 19.12, Ben Ryan wrote:
> hey all
> does anyone know if there are any patches, plans or views on enhancing the
> granularity of the cache management options, i.e., adding a couple of
> controls so we can crank up the cache hit ratio, manage page update
> (last-modified?) checks, object aging control...
> basically I've done a lot of work with Catapults (MS Proxy1.0, 2.0, ISA)
> and it has fantastic controls on the cache... I can chase up the regedit
> guide if anyone wants. MSP supports stuff like a global max age limit,
> heuristic prefetch, global age extension (boost your hit ratio, supreme for
> dialup connections)... heaps of stuff you can hax0r to make your cache into
> a major accelerator (ok, with some small costs of old pages, dead pages
> etc, but it was never a prob and you just hit reload anyway).
> What's the feeling on this stuff? useful enough to put on the roadmap at
> some stage?? Comments welcome!
> cheers
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