[squid-users] squid on Windows NT & dial-up on demand

From: sting <stingrayksa@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 18:49:04 +0300

hello to all... I've been using Microsoft Proxy Server on Windows NT for a
while and it is not that bad. The only real problem I found with it is that
you cannot access-control the WinSocks proxy with ip's... it's based on
Users..! I feel squid can correct that, but i must say that I would like
to be able to have squid Autodial on demand during certain working hours.
So, I downloaded SquidNT from this link :
http://www.serassio.it/download/squid-2.3.STABLE5-NT-bin-DELAYP.zip>http My
question is : Is it possible to configure squid to dial on demand...? and
how.... We have an isp that we use the modem to connect to and we must use
their Proxy Server. I went through so much to get squid to use their proxy
as cache_access parent and the dns must be a nightmare for dial-ups. I used
never_direct to divert all requests to the isp's Proxy Server and I'm not
sure if the cache on our server is ever used... is it..?

> On Tuesday 13 November 2001 19.12, Ben Ryan wrote:
> > hey all
> >
> > does anyone know if there are any patches, plans or views on enhancing
> > granularity of the cache management options, i.e., adding a couple of
> > controls so we can crank up the cache hit ratio, manage page update
> > (last-modified?) checks, object aging control...
> > basically I've done a lot of work with Catapults (MS Proxy1.0, 2.0, ISA)
> > and it has fantastic controls on the cache... I can chase up the regedit
> > guide if anyone wants. MSP supports stuff like a global max age limit,
> > heuristic prefetch, global age extension (boost your hit ratio, supreme
> > dialup connections)... heaps of stuff you can hax0r to make your cache
> > a major accelerator (ok, with some small costs of old pages, dead pages
> > etc, but it was never a prob and you just hit reload anyway).
> >
> > What's the feeling on this stuff? useful enough to put on the roadmap at
> > some stage?? Comments welcome!
> >
> >
> > cheers
> >
> >
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