[squid-users] Running Squid on Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 (Best OS; Linux or Solari s?)

From: Palmer J.D.F. <J.D.F.Palmer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 16:05:29 -0000

Hi All,

A few questions I'm afraid!

A large FE college in South Wales has contacted me with a request to try to
speed up and improve the stability of their current web cache solution which
is running ancient proxy/filter/cache software called Webtracker. At
present, web access via the proxy is incredibly slow for users at the
college, and I suspect that is probably due to a combination of the old(ish)
hardware and old software. By bypassing the system, web access is greatly
improved, but this is not really possible as the college needs to restrict
access to the usual dodgy sites.

The hardware is a Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 (Solaris 2.6), 200 Mhz CPU, and
256Mb RAM. The system has one 4.2 Gb drive, and two 9 Gb drives. Cost is a
major controlling issue, so I suggested using Squid on their current
platform to see if this will be much faster than Webtracker (highly likely),
but I'm wondering whether it might be better to run the box with Red Hat
Linux 7.2 or Solaris 8.

I wondered if anybody else out there is running Squid & Linux on an Ultra
Enterprise 2, and how does it compare in terms of speed and stability
against Squid under Solaris?

I'm going to need this box to carry out filtering in addition to caching, so
how much more overhead does this place on the system?

Would it be worth the college adding a second 200 Mhz cpu, OR upgrading the
RAM? (Either one or t'other, not enough money for both).

The ideal solution would be to allocate funds towards a new Intel based
Linux/Squid server, but unfortunately this is not an option!

Any other thoughts?



Chris Price
JISC Regional Support Centre (Wales)
University of Wales Swansea
Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PP
Tel: 01792 295548
Email: C.A.Price@swan.ac.uk
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