Re: [squid-users] Running Squid on Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 (Best OS; Linux or Solari s?)

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 20:08:53 +0100

On Wednesday 21 November 2001 17.05, Palmer J.D.F. wrote:

> The hardware is a Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 (Solaris 2.6), 200 Mhz CPU, and
> 256Mb RAM. The system has one 4.2 Gb drive, and two 9 Gb drives. Cost is a
> major controlling issue, so I suggested using Squid on their current
> platform to see if this will be much faster than Webtracker (highly
> likely), but I'm wondering whether it might be better to run the box with
> Red Hat Linux 7.2 or Solaris 8.

The SUN "ufs" filesystem is quite slow for Squid use due to it's synchronous
directory updates. The speed can be greatly improved by using the DiskSuite
logged filesystem function, preferably with the log on a separte drive from
the caches.

The log function of Solaris-8 ufs is said to NOT give this improvement.

The Linux ext2 or reiserfs filesystems is considerably faster.

> I wondered if anybody else out there is running Squid & Linux on an Ultra
> Enterprise 2, and how does it compare in terms of speed and stability
> against Squid under Solaris?

Should be farily easy to benchmark if one has a spare box.. my gut feeling is
that Linux will win in this case.

> I'm going to need this box to carry out filtering in addition to caching,
> so how much more overhead does this place on the system?

Depends very much on your filter.

> Would it be worth the college adding a second 200 Mhz cpu, OR upgrading the
> RAM? (Either one or t'other, not enough money for both).

Depends on where the main bottleneck is. Some sar measurements should give
you a good indication on if the main bottleneck is disk, cpu or memory, but
generally adding a second CPU is not worth it for a Squid system.

> The ideal solution would be to allocate funds towards a new Intel based
> Linux/Squid server, but unfortunately this is not an option!

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