RE: [squid-users] Running out of inode

From: Winston Gutkowski <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:35:28 -0800

I don't know what version of Unix you are running, but mkfs/newfs has
options which allow you to control the number of inodes set up for a
filesystem. Both the Linux and Solaris versions allow you to specify the
number of bytes to allow for each inode, thus
mkfs -i 1024 ....
will create twice as many inodes as
mkfs -i 2048 ....
for the same filesystem.
The main thing you have to watch out for is that the number of bytes you
specify is at least as large as the filesystem blocksize, otherwise you will
create unnecessary inodes. In Linux you can also specify the blocksize with
mkfs, but you need to be careful here too as small block sizes can slow down
file access. It may be better to specify a filesystem that is too large so
that you can specify a sensible number of inodes with a sensible block size.

In Linux mkfs, you can also specify the number of inodes to create by
mkfs -N 10000 ... (this will create a filesystem with 10000 inodes)
but I wouldn't recommend it as you can often inadvertantly create the same
problems as above.

Good luck


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    umm... sorry but how could I make my cache file
system with more inodes, you mean by fdisk ???? or
newfs ??? any helps???

--- Henrik Nordstrom <> wrote:
> Remake your cache filesystems with more inodes, or
> shrink the size of
> your cache.
> Regards
> Henrik Nordstrvm
> Squid Hacker
> Mohsin Khan wrote:
> >
> > a-o-a
> >
> > Every thing is fine but just I usually
> run
> > out inodes, after a month or two.....:) Any help
> ???
> >
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