[squid-users] Re: Squid delay pools using DS/Precedence field to limit BW

From: Pedro Ribeiro <pribeiro@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 19:29:50 -0000

That's an interesting acl to do ... probably also applicable to our network,
at this moment i don't know any easy way to do it, i'll try to create that
acl in a less busy day ...

Best Regards.

PS: Thanks for the mention of the patches i'v made for Linux it's the best
reward to know that my work is also usefull to someone!

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Subject: Squid delay pools using DS/Precedence field to limit BW

> Hi Pedro & all
> Well done on your Squid patches! They look great.
> I've desperately been looking for some answers for about 2 years now
> regarding setting up Squid ACL's to match on IP DS/Precedence bit fields
> that I can apply them to Squid's delay pools.
> Please have a look at my posts below if you have time.
> If you could help in anyway possible I'd really appreciate it.
> Another possibility of course is that if I could get Squid not to reset
> original DS/precedence bit field I could put a Packeteer between our
> and our Squid proxy. At the moment Squid resets the original value so it
> shows up as marked with a 0, "no value" so that doesn't work to well, if
> anyone can think of a patch that well tell Squid to keep the original
> DS/Precedence bit value please let me know.
> Anyone that can help on squid-users is welcome to mail me back, I'd
> appreciate it.
> Many thanks.
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