RE: [squid-users] more dns problems

From: Proescholdt, timo <>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 15:28:22 +0100

Hi Hendrik,

unfortunately i cannot move to annother version of squid,
because of a patch i am using ( IP_AUTH hack ),
which is for this special version only.

Maybe my problem has something to do with
this hack, but i cannot imagine this, as it has
to do with authentification.
( ) .

The problem must be somewhere between squid and
the dns server, the RR's are cached correctly
on the DNS Server, ( it contacts it's forwarder only
one time ), but squid requests them multiple times.

One last thing,

i saw you writing about DNS_TTLīs in squid.conf,
can you tell me what specific options you are
thinking off ?

I only have the negative and positive caching ttls in
my configuration file.

< So you have neither of dig or tcpdump?

My internal nameservers are bind 8 on solaris 8
and in this version there is no dig installed.
But i tested the ttls for the according RR's
on a somewhere further firewall host, and
they seemed to be ok.
tcpdump is installed and working fine (-:

c (and thank) u (-:
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