Re: [squid-users] Content-Type HTTP Header

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 09:29:42 +0100

Eeh? HTTP servers SHOULD return Content-Type headers. Domnio most
certainly does. Many things breaks if they do not.

I think there may be a special way to construct responses using
lotus-script agents that do not add a Content-type by default, but this
is very rarely used, if ever. Similar in spirit to the Apache NPH

Henrik Nordström wrote:
> Is there any chance that Squid would attach the HTTP Header "Content-Type"
> to a response from a Notes Domino origin server and pass it onto the
> client?
> I don't believe so, but I have a Domino administrator saying his server is
> not responsible for adding this header. I know Domino is very poor on
> configuring HTTP headers, but I'd like to have others in the Squid world to
> confirm/deny my belief.
> Cheers.
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